'Not So' Lazy Susans

This is Functional Fine Art at it's Finest.  Statement makers, vibrant, detailed, absolutely spectacular gorgeous colors.  Designed with every ounce of love I have for my craft - to put it simply a house is not complete without one.  On a kitchen island, a beautiful table, coffee table and more, there isn't really a place that wouldn't benefit form their beauty.  

My imagination can truly run free designing here, I usually have one in the works because this sort of painting feeds my artistic soul.  Stay tuned, these creations usually sell off the easel.  As well, to stay 'in the know' I usually post WIP (work in progress) images on Facebook.

Custom design is always available for you or gifting to a very special person.  Lazy Susan's are lavishly coated with thick clear resin to stand the test of time and handed down for generations. The bases and feet are finished in whimsical designs & colors to create interest from any angle.  Please browse the images in the products here to inspire you!