Currently On The Easel

Stay 'in the know' by visiting this page often.  I will post WIP, work in progress, videos & images about current projects.  I tend to work on a few different projects at once - my shiny artist brain loves variety!  Let me know if I can provide you with other information regarding a WIP to further entice your interest. 

'Kitty's Settle'

'Kitty's Settle' is a high quality heavy wrought iron bench.  It will be hand painted in English Florals & various other patterns in coordinating colors.  Fabulous Ralph Lauren Collection wool tartans & English linen will cover the bench with whimsical trim to up the fabulous factor!  Stay tuned - this will be an amazing piece. 

'The Stirrup Cup' Lazy Susan

**Completed**. Offered for sale here.  An 18" Lazy Susan hand painted in acrylics & gouache on wood.  will be completed with a heavy duty bearing assembly, adorable feet - underside decorated for interest and lots of whimsy!  Lavishly coated in thick clear glossy resin to finish a most spectacular heirloom piece. 


Depicting sterling stirrup cups, elaborate hunt whip, enamel pin & copper horn. Antique porcelain stirrup cups as well. To follow progress please visit Cindy Galloway Artist on Facebook!

Completed 'Off We Go'
A  Utensil or Brush Caddy

Spring Foals  Lazy Susan - currently in progress as of 3/1/2020



Commission, Oil on Canvas.  Preliminary Oil Sketch.  WIP

'Tally-Ho' Sign- Completed & For Sale Here
12.27.2018 Click Here To Watch Time Lapse Video of the Hound Head Hunt Whip Being Painted On The Lid.  
12.23.2018 Video Introduction  -  'Tally-Ho' 
A sign for your home, barn, or any use may think of for a hand painted treasure. 
WIP (work in progress) videos and stills will be updated on Facebook, Instagram under Cindy Galloway Artist as well.