Oh goodness these cards are so pretty!  Completely hand made by me! Gorgeous papers bathed in foil, glitter, embossing, saturated color & fabulous vibrant printed original artwork. Present your loved ones with luxe collectable and more fun that that......frameable holiday cheer!  


Cards are 6" x 6" square - envelopes 6.5" x 6.5".  Color collections include:  Teals, Tartan/Foils, Silver Polkas, Red/Green Polkas, Champagnes, Black/Silver Polkas.  Cards are very limited in availability, please choose a colorway I will do my best to accomodate specific card designs. Please see the additional section for Choice Descriptions. 


Adorable when 4 are framed, suprise your guests with a collection in the powder room (or tucked into that favorite charming alcove above your curio table containing those unusual collectables).  Have fun with life, collect Cindy Galloway's unique hand made creations!



2020 'Hunt Debut' Holiday Cards

Color & Design
  • Teals:  A-Turquoise Glitter, B-Silver Sage Circles, C-Teal Glitter

    Tartan/Foils:  A-Silver Tartan, B-Red Tartan, C-Black/Silver Foil, D-Red Foil Circles

    Silver/Polkas:  A-Matte Silver Foil, B-Silver Flocked Polka, C-Grey Polka

    Green/Red Polkas:  A-Candy Cane, B-Red Glitter Stripe, C-Red Flocked Polkas

    Champagne:  A-Silver Flocked Polka, B-Copper Glitter, C-Cream Marble, D-Pearl Flocked Polka

    Black/Silver Polkas:  A-Black/White Polka, B-Charcoal Pearl, C-Pearl Black Flocked Polka, D-White Grey Polka, E-Black Polka

  • Just received my order and these cards are gorgeous! Love the set of a dozen and the cards with beautiful borders are truly lovely!!! Cindy, thank you for making Christmas beautiful. Above and beyond what pictures show. So appreciate speedy delivery too. Merry Christmas!  Betsy B.