Charming, so very adorable, my Lady Kitty on her first hunt!  As a houndestrienne Lady Kitty is quite talented, her hound steady & true out for a day of the finest in sport.  (Lady Kitty is a member of a drag pack, obviously they don't hunt live fox but a 'urine' trail applied by a group of riders.) Escorted by 'Renardhold', her father & sponsor, and an expert houndestrian in his own right struggles to rein in her coquettish head strong tendensies to over-leap her boundries.  


Enjoy the story every day and most importantly stay tuned, Lady Kitty is maturing into a fine rider and young Lady as I paint!


Vibrant print on heavy weight stock.  11 x 14.  Truly stunning framed in gold.  


Options include:  Just the Print, Matted in a coordinated double mat, Framed in a gold wooden frame complete with double mat, framed in a black metal frame with mat.


'Houndestrienne' Lady Kitty's Hunt Debut Print