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'Scarlet Kitty' Oh Kitty you mischievous thing. Lady Kitty as a very young 'houndestrian', off on her hunt debut.  Father is close behind desperatly trying to retain his daughters fine reputation.  Ever the coquette, this petite 'renardette' will capture your heart while wearing this adorable keepsake!


Putting the FUN in Functional Fine Wearable Art!  May I present 'Scarlet Kitty',  hand painted belt buckle. Quality metal 3 x 2.5" buckle is hand painted in a one-of-a-kind design adorned with a checkerboard bezel and finished with a heavy coat of clear glossy resin. 


I offer for sale 1 1/2" full grain supple leather belt straps for sale, colors to choose from: Tan, Burgundy, Black, Navy & Rich Brown. Please view the 'Belt Strap Listing' for further details.


Hand painted and designed by me!, gorgeous, conversation starting & very unique!  Buckles are priced according to easel time & design complexity.

'Scarlet Kitty' Buckle

  • Thank you for your interest in my hand painted functional fine art.  Wearable artwork is not returnable, thank you.  

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