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Please wander with wonder the latest of my unique hand painted and designed one-of-a-kind creations fresh off the easel!  From fabulous belt buckles for you, as well as spectacular conversation starting accessories such as lazy susans, trays and fine art prints and originals, as well as signage for your home I can hand paint your dreams.  All artwork is hand painted by myself, Cindy Galloway, I do not use studio assistants.  Live a unique luxe life with my creations or treat a friend or family member with a most unusual once in a lifetime personal gift.

I am currently in the studio full time - lots of fabulous goodies in the making! Check back often, items will be added as finished, don't delay they generally sell quickly.  Please contact me if you desire something you don't see, or would enjoy a different colorway or subject matter.  Custom artwork is so much fun, I look forward to adorning your life with beautiful things! I usually post WIP (work in progress) status on Instagram (cindy_galloway_artist) or better yet subscribe to stay current and 'in the know'.

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