Special - 'Tally-Ho' is truly special, a one-of-a-kind hand painted sign. 'Tally-Ho' is pure whimsy, I have always said I am a 'thinker of the Dr. Seuss variety', if you could venture into my brain it's a heck of a lot of fun in here!  Two foxes play tug of war with a hound headed hunt whip, many layers of glaze create this gorgeous image.  The base wood is old, I have added moulding treatments on the front, sides and bottom creating interest (somewhere in the heavens there is a tree smiling down, proud of her offspring).  


But wait!, to add even more interest to the foxes 'rough housing antics' along comes a horse to greet.  On one side he nickers 'Welcome' on the other 'Gone Hunting'.  If you really aren't in the mood for guests remove the horse for a subtle 'bless your heart but I don't want to come out and play'.  


Tally-Ho has been completely created by hand.  Well, except I haven't delved into the fine art of forging solid brass into clips, screws and other fastening accoutrement.  Fine brand new english bridle leather reins create the top sign hanger - fastened with pure brass chicago screws, heavy marine pure brass clip & solid brass fox hook create quite a statement.  


'Tally-Ho' would appreciate being protected.  I have sprayed this beauty a gazillion times with a fade proof exterior poly but don't trust these potions.  My acrylic paints are the finest you can buy but lightfast scales are never the same for each sort of pigment.  In other words the sun, rain & snow can be very unkind to artwork.  


Dimensions as follows:  Overall height including the fox hook down to horse- 43",  'Tally-Ho' sign hanging 24 1/2", sign itself 22 1/4 wide x 10 1/2" tall.  Horse hanging 15 1/2" tall x 16 1/4" wide. 


'Tally-Ho' will ship Priority USPS (unless agreed apon with another carrier) nestled in a frothy bed of beautiful tissue, trust me on putting this together, I love my creations as much as you will and protect them like a mother lion. A sturdy new box and gift info if needed are always included.  Overnight shipping is available at extra cost. 


Again, special, so very very special.  This is the sort of piece you put on that fabulous hunt cottage where Jackie Kennedy used to hunt - you know the place....your address.  Highly collectable, the ultimate gift for your hunt sponsor, or just because.......

'Tally-Ho' Sign

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