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The Black Hills Gang is a spectacular wild western themed 15" lazy susan depicting the 'War of 43 Days' (yep, I made that up :-)) in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Colonel 'Dusty' Nelms, General Merner, Major Johnson and Corporal (Lord) 'Slap' Blumer (Slap despised the Corporal title due to a regal relate being from France and all). Supporting cast includes Elk, Mountain Lion, Pronghorn Antelope and others. 


15" round, hand painted with a lifetime of love for design and my craft - magnificent colorway, lush luxe coating of clear resin provides depth & protection. 


I love the metallic & mother of pearl finishes I have painted - they glow and add so much depth.  It's a true conversation starter!  The Black Hills Gang looks gorgeous on pale granite countertops to distressed wood tables - it's just so beautiful anywhere you choose to display.


No charge for insured shipping. 


One of a kind as always. Proudly handmade in South Dakota, USA!

The Black Hills Gang

  • Unfortunatly, one of a kind functional fine art pieces are not returnable. Please ask questions - I am here for you.  These creations are special to me - I cannot risk damage or usage regarding returns. 

  • Care Instructions:  'The Black Hills Gang' is created using wood which should not be submerged in water.  Please use a soft non-textured cloth to clean the resin surface, it's very durable but a lifetime of lush depth is best without the use of microfiber cloths or other harsher textures. 

    The resin top will not appreciate knives - when using as a cake stand please purchase from Hobby Lobby or Michaels a clear round cake base made out of glass to protect your fine art lazy susan.  

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