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'The Flyfisher'

In the fall of 2022 I fell in love with the fine art of fly fishing.  Living in Custer State Park for the summer into the fall for 3 seasons now as given me the visual resources to paint & create these one-of-a-kind spectacular functional fine art themed pieces. From table top to kitchen island, or frankly the picnic you crave on that remote Idaho river - The Flyfisher will be treasured. 


Adorned with an Osprey grasping his trophy hunt, painted to resemble sterling silver.  Encircled by a plethora of gorgeous unique flies - from the colorful to the enhanced with metallic glimmer to entice the viewer for more detail. Each trout is faithfully rendered by my brush to entice the Angler to dream of the next adventure into the watery wild. 


15" lazy susan. Entirely handpainted by me, Cindy Galloway using the finest paints. Coated with a non-toxic, non yellowing lush luxe clear resin.  Heavy duty lazy susan mechanism, created for a lifetime of use.  The most adorb painted feet with felt pads for furniture protection.


There is no charge for shipping.  One of a kind - always.  

The Flyfisher

  • Unfortunatly, one of a kind functional fine art pieces are not returnable. Please ask questions - I am here for you.  These creations are special to me - I cannot risk damage or usage regarding returns. 

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