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Functional Fine Art at it's finest, 'The Stirrup Cup' is a one-of-a-kind hand painted 18" lazy susan offered for your consideration.

So let’s set the stage..... you’ve just returned from a grueling blustery hunt and you’re having an intimate stirrup cup with your Hilltopper clutch.


Pickled Franny loves to break glasses because she’s far too in her cups by the time she’s getting off her horse so you might want to take one of those Yeoward Fern glasses off the table and secure it in a vault. However, you must bring out that fabulous ‘Stirrup Cup’ lazy Susan, that one-of-a-kind amazing show stopping piece of glorious Cindy Galloway table art that everyone covets (remember to check their trenches at the door for exiting. I can completely understand why you save The Stirrup Cup for the most important and surely to make page 6, apre hunt soirées, in the 'Masters Gazette'.


So the table is set, go pour yourself another bottle of port, and sit down and admire your fabulosity.

But don’t stop there, you’ll need a fabulous hand-painted Cindy Galloway belt buckle to complete your ensemble with that new pair of goat suede Hermès jodhpurs & your fabulous Amy Jo Gladstone kitten heel grey horse needlepoint slippers.


3 antique sterling stirrup cups circle the inside flanked by an enamel hunt pin, a copper horn, and a traditional leather covered hunt whip.  Circling the perimeter are 9 hand painted porcelain stirrup cups creating a spectacular richly colored design. The 'cups' create a 3D look, layers and layers of finely pigmented rich glazes impart a depth for exquisite realism.


Home on your kitchen island, tabletop or a very sumptuous tailgate presentation - 'The Stirrup Cup' is a conversational piece quickly coveted by all that fall under it's spell of gorgeousness.


A spectacular piece, fine art to admire & enjoy everyday, created with the finest materials to last for generations. painted with the highest quality acrylics & gouache on wood, covered in a thick lush luxe coating of non-toxic clear glossy resin.  The background colorway is a gorgeous 'go with everything' pale silver sage ground, creating a wonderful contrast with the black & pearl checkerboard edge treatment. The lazy susan mechanism offers a heavy duty bearing mechanism for smooth operation under loads.  The base is treated with an antique gold finish, the 4 adorable feet can be shipped with either rubber grippy pads or felt - your choice (if choice is not given I will ship with grippy feet). 18" round, approx 4 inches from top to foot bottom. 


Created with a lifetime of love for my craft.

'The Stirrup Cup'

  • 'The Stirrup Cup' will be wrapped carefully in a frothy bed of pretty tissue and thoroughly protected with copious layers of bubble wrap in a heavy box weighing approx.10 lbs.  Shipping in this manner protects your future heirloom appropriately.  Insurance for full item value is a mandatory fee, protecting you from loss of investment. 

  • 'The Stirrup Cup' was painted & crafted as well as assembled by hand to last for generations.  The only points of concern regarding care are knives, do not cut on the surface, as well as, submerging in water.  Clean surface with 'non-microfiber' cloths, microfiber creates fine little scratches in any surface dulling the magnificent finish. 

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